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What is Argentium Silver Jewelry?

Posted on March 26 2019

What is Argentium Silver Jewelry?
Argentium Silver Jewelry

What is Argentium Silver Jewelry?

Love the look of silver but tired of metal sensitivities and all your silver jewelry turning gray? Argentium silver to the rescue! 

Argentium is a relatively new metal to the jewelry world. In 1991 a master silversmith realized you could replace the copper and nickel (which causes silver jewelry to tarnish and most metal sensitivities) with a new metal germanium. 

This process made Argentium silver brighter, whiter and purer than sterling, tarnish resistant, great for people with metal sensitivities and it's 100% recycled. 

Quality and effortless beauty is our mission at Tiffany Anne Jewelry which is why all of our silver jewelry is hand-forged from Argentium silver.

Not a silver person? All of our styles are available in high quality 14K gold-filled and 14K solid gold too. 

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