DIY Valentines Day Nail Tutorial

Posted on January 23 2018

DIY Valentines Day Nail Tutorial with Jaunty Juli

Rose Gold Stacking Rings

Photo and tutorial courtesy of @JauntyJuli

Can you believe Valentine's day is already right around the corner? I'm obsessed with beautiful nails, possibly because I can never really have them working in the studio all day, but I want you to have them! So I teamed up with Jaunty Juli to create this simple DIY nail tutorial that looks fantastic for date night. Add a few stacking rings in rose gold and you'll have Pinterest worthy hands that will make your nail artist jealous and save you some cash to spend on your bae or those new rings! 
DIY Valentines Day Nail Tutorial
STEP 1 | Using a french tip guide sticker, tape off the top 1/4 of your nail, covering the natural moon. STEP 2 | Fill in the nail below the guide sticker with an opaque polish. Paint the rest of the nail with your color of choice.
STEP 3 | Remove the sticker before polish dries.
STEP 4 | Using a detail brush, paint a small triangle in the center of the half circle.
STEP 5 | Round out the edges to give a smooth half heart shape.
STEP 6 | Finish with a matte top coat and you're done!
Let me know how it goes! You can tag me in your pics on IG @shoptiffanyannestudios

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