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New Cancer Awareness Hoops!

Posted on October 30 2014

I had planned on launching these hoops on Oct 1st for breast cancer awareness month but things got crazy and it just didn't happen.  Instead of waiting until next year I realized cancer doesn't care what month it is and I decided to make these a part of the permanent collection.  So without further ado the new cancer awareness hoops designed to help you show your support because you should feel good about looking good.

This is the exact message that the Celilo cancer centers reflections program is helping deliver to its patients.  Women with cancer often get so bogged down in treating their disease and maintaining their lives, careers and families that they can’t take the time out for themselves.  Everyone knows what a day at the spa can do to your mindset and confidence but for those going through cancer treatments, losing their hair and with compromised skin issues it can mean getting back their dignity and just feeling normal again.

 For most of us cancer has touched our lives in one way or another.  I've personally lost loved ones and seen the turmoil that chemo and radiation can put a person through.  The reflections program gives women a chance to feel like themselves again.  It empowers them through education in skin care, makeup and accessories to help them feel like themselves again.   

These hoops are a new and permanent addition to the Tiffany Anne collection and 20% of all sales will be donated to the Celilo cancer centers reflections program.  Also near and dear to my heart because this program is delivered by my mother Annette Scott who tells me all the wonderful stories of the really amazing women that this program benefits.  You can read more about it here and extend your support by grabbing your own pair of hoops here.  


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