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Full Moon Rituals - Cleansing your Stones

Posted on May 21 2016

Full Moon Rituals - Cleansing your Stones

The moon has a mysterious magic about it.  It’s connected to the ebb and flow of tides.  Gardening by moon phases can help your plants flourish. A woman’s cycle mimics the moon's, both taking close to 28 days to come full circle.  Even if you’re not super woo-woo on the topic it’s hard to ignore the enormous, powerful energy of the moon.  


The high energy of a full moon amplifies creativity and is a good time to let go of anything that no longer serves you and reflect on what you'd like to bring into your life.  One of my favorite rituals during a full moon is to cleanse my stones.  Stones are powerful holders of energy and need tune ups from time to time to keep their energies top notch.  Full moon cleansing can be beneficial to all stones from ones you wear everyday to those you keep around the home.  

Full Moon Rituals


Stone cleansing ritual for a full moon:

Tools you’ll need:  Palo Santo or White Sage, A bowl of water, candles, matches

Create a sacred space, light some candles and sit with your stones.  Using a palo santo stick or white sage “smudge” the stones by letting the fragrant smoke wash over them.  You can also “wash” your stones by placing them in a bowl of purified water.  Do one or both as you see fit.   

At dusk, place your stones outside in direct moon light.  On a cloudy day the energy is still there so don’t worry about how much light they are getting.  Know the moon knows how to work it’s magic no matter the climate.

The energy is still strong the day before or after the full moon.  If you miss the day or want to leave them out a little longer, that’s fine!  Gather your stones on the morning after they’ve taken their moon bath.  I like to sit with each one and give it a positive intention before returning them to their rightful places.  

That’s it, enjoy the energy of your newly cleansed stones.  You can repeat this ceremony as often as you wish on a full moon.  

Do you have a favorite full moon ritual?  Share with me over on Instagram

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